Saturday, December 22, 2018

Dos and Don'ts with Your Hair


In order to protect your valuable hair from damage and increase hair growth fastly.Get silky, black hair, reduce hair dandruff, hair damage and hair problems you must know what things to do and what don't.Here the list of dos and don'ts with your hair.Just check it out and prevent your hair damage.


  1. Try to avoid use of chemical products for hair as much as possible.Use pure coconut oil for hair nourishment.
  2. Take bath 3 times in a week with proper shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Massage your scalp at regular basis with anything.It would be anything oil, coconut milk, or even dry fingers.
  4. Take minimum stress, and try to take rest as much as possible.
  5. Use proper hair gel and hair wax according to your hair type.You can get more information from my other article.
  6. Regular use coconut oil
  7. Comb your hair with big teeth brush
  8. You can have neem leaves bath to eliminate hair dandruff.
  9. Do yoga and exercise to increase testosterone level which helps to growth of hair.
  10. Take proper diet having more zinc and vitamins.


  1. Don't wash your hair daily.Specially with to hot water.
  2. After bath don't scrub your hair with towel so rashly.Let soak it itself.
  3. Avoid regular use of hair dryer.
  4. Comb only 2 or 3 times in a day.
  5. Avoid hard and chemical content hair products.
  6. Regular masturbation can cause hair loss so avoid it.
  7. Don't change your hair style everyday.
  8. Don't use others comb and hair related stuff.
  9. Avoid chemical hair colours.Specially ammonia.
  10. Don't use water and hair oil combination to set your hair.It cause dry hair.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Make Hair Natural Black at Home


How to make your white hair black ? Here I will tell you one of the easiest and useful method to make your white hair naturally black instead of hair dye and hair chemicals to make it black.

You have a big personality, and you think big personality plus blond hair makes you come across as glib.With dark hair, people look at your face more.Before, it was all about your black shiny hair.


Ingredients - Curry Leaves, Amla Churn, Coconut Oil

Do - Take few curry leaves in a bowl and mix it with 2 spoon coconut fresh hair oil.Take 1/2 spoon amla churn and put into that bowl.Mix that mixture properly and kept on gas.Heat this mixture for almost 5 minute.After heating properly remove all curry leaves from that mixture.Now you have remain only oil.

Use - This oil you have to massage properly to your scalp before go to sleep.Keep it all night and wash next day with proper shampoo.Do it 3 times in a week.By doing this continue 2 months you will definitely get positive result by gaining your natural black color of hair.No chemical is present makes this method more useful and safe. 

Hair Gel and Hair Wax


So many people have no idea about difference between hair gel and hair wax.They might don't know which type of hair gel or hair wax they should use.Here I will tell you which type of hair gel or hair wax will suit for your hair.


Well not all hair gel are harmful to hair apart if you don't know how to use it.The perfect way to use best hair gel is after freshly washed and towel dried hair.Take a nickel to quarter sized squeeze of gel and thoroughly rub into hair.Here are top 10 best gel available in India

  1. Set wet style casual hold gel
  2. Brylcreem shine protect hair styling gel
  3. Set wet style cool hold gel
  4. Bblunt gel
  5. Gatsby water gloss super hard gel
  6. Wella professionals
  7. Garnier fructis style gel
  8. Jolen firm hold hair gel
  9. Schwarzkopf taft looks gel
  10. Enliven ultimate hair gel


Wax is also one of the best way to set your hair.But the main problem using hair wax is if it is not washed out properly, it could start to make your hair look greasy.The wax tends to create a seal around your hair to hold it so too much quantity of wax may impact on your scalp problem.Here are the top 10 hair wax available in India.
  1. Gatsby hair wax (3 Shades)
  2. Jack black wax
  3. Ustraa hair wax
  4. Beardo hair wax
  5. Schwarzkopf hair wax
  6. American crew forming wax
  7. Suave professional men styling hair wax
  8. Set wet soft hair gel
  9. Park avenue hair gel
  10. Raw nature hair wax
It's up to you,what you want to prefer for your hair but choose according to your hair.Silky long hair doesn't suit hard hair gel or wax whereas thick short wavy hair suit hard hair gel and wax.If you this post then please share and comment.

Hair Massage For Healthy Hair and Hair Regrowth


For Hair Growth, Hair Regrowth, Strong Hair, Black Shiny Hair, Smooth and Silky Hair and to prevent Hair Fall, Hair Loss, Hair Damage, White Hair, Hair Dandruff, Thin Hair one basic solution is there and that is MASSAGE.So many hair related problems have one best solution is proper hair and scalp massage.


  1. Hair massage helps to proper nourishment of hair by reaching to root of hair.It is helpful to increase natural black hair growth.
  2. As stress is one of the major cause of hair problem get eliminate by regular hair massage.
  3. While taking hair massage our whole body tends to relax and this helps to proper blood circulation all over body.
  4. Deep hair massage helps active ACUPRESSURE points present in our scalp.
  5. It helps to reduce hair fall, Hair damage and eliminate dandruff from our scalp.
  6. Regular basis hair massage helps to keep our body temperature maintain.
  7. Hair massage can take care of our eyes also.
  8. If you facing sleeping problem, then massage could be one of the solution for it.
  9. Hair massage is also good for brain as it make sure proper blood circulation through cells.
  10. Mom's lovely hair massage nobody wants to miss.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Hair Styles


We have already seen the different types of hair and their specific meaning.Here we talking about different hair styles.Hair style reflects human personality.Silky hair, Curly hair, Wavy hair, Shiny hair can be styled in different ways.So let's take a look of those hair styles of both man and women.


When it comes to women, hair style become more important factor to look attractive.There are plenty of hair styles as far as women hair styles concern.The main 20 hair styles listed below
  1. Sleek Long Bob with Curves and Side-Swept Bang
  2. Short Volumized Bob
  3. Loose Highlighted Waves
  4. Asymmetric Cut
  5. Bob Cut
  6. Bouffant
  7. Bun
  8. Bunches
  9. Bob with Soft Fringes
  10. Wavy Side Ponytail
  11. Smart Short Bob
  12. Chignon
  13. Cropped Hair
  14. Crown Braid
  15. Retro Bob
  16. Feathered Hair
  17. Finger Wave
  18. Simple and Elegant Twisted
  19. Long Straight Hair
  20. Fishtail Hair        


Boys also pretend to look smart and handsome with adopting different types of hair styles.The main 20 mens hair styles are
  1. Classic Crew
  2. Bowl Cut
  3. Soldier Cut
  4. One Side Cut
  5. Under Cut
  6. Businessman Cut
  7. Crew Cut
  8. Curtained Hair 
  9. Short Pompadour
  10. Side Part Pompadour
  11. Simple Short Cut
  12. Flattop
  13. High and Tight Hair
  14. Slicked Back
  15. Undercut With Design
  16. Faded High and Tight
  17. Jheri Curl
  18. Super Slick Back
  19. Shaggy Short
  20. Wavy Texture Fade. 

Hair Types


In this segment we will take a look of types of hair.There are different types of hair normally we found in human.It differs by human to human and personality to personality.Lets take a look those different hair types and their meaning.

There are mainly 4 types


1.Straight Hair - This type of hair tends to more soft, shiny and oily.It is very difficult to curl.This is due to the sebum in this hair texture easily spread from the root to peak of hair.This type of hair types common in asian women.

2.Wavy Hair - It has specifically 'S' type pattern.It has texture between straight and curly hair.It is more frizzy with thicker waves and easy to make different styles.

3.Curly Hair - The name itself present texture of hair.It has 'S' and 'Z' shapes of hair.This type of hair tends to combine thickness, fullness, body and frizziness.This hair is usually voluminous, climate dependant and more damage prone.

4.Kinky Hair - It has more tightly curl pattern than curly hair.Hair tends to be very fragile.This type of hair shrinks when wet.We can call it simply more swag type.

Importance of beautiful hair


       Beautiful and shiny hair always makes good impression.Healthy hair and silky hair gives you confidence.A women's silky hair is the first most noticeable part of beauty.Good hair enhances his beauty.Boys do have also positive factors of having beautiful hair as they are the part of human beings.Lets take a look of some of those positive factors of having silky and shiny hair for both girls and boys.

* Having silky and shiny hair makes an positive impact on peoples mind for yourself.It shows that you are taking proper care of your valuable hair.
* A silky and black hair helps to grow your natural beauty without any other external stuff.
* A women's long silky hair plays an important role for showing her presence.Boy's are insane about it.
* A proper hair style and colour makes you to look like smart.
* It often says that your hair style describes your nature.

Hair Dandruff and Causes


   Hair dandruff is main problem people are facing mostly now a days.Hair dandruff is not only major problem related to hair loss but also it irritate a lot.People have so many questions related to hair dandruff and it's effect so here are fully information about hair dandruff and it's effects.

DANDRUFF is occurs when our scalp becomes dry and greasy and produce white flakes of dead skin.It also known as
1.Pityriasis Simplex Capitis
                                2.Flake scalp

➤Reason for hair dandruff 

       The naturally occuring microbe, Malassezia Globosa is found on everyone's scalp.It helps to feed natural oils in the scalp for their nourishment and keep it well moisturised.As this layer of oil (sebum) breaks down by many reasons, then 50% people found that their scalp responds by becoming irritated and inflamed. Here are some other reasons for hair dandruff.

1.DRY SKIN - Many people have dry skin or you may suffer from dry skin problem then your scalp also become dry and flaky.

2.IMPROPER OILING OF HAIR - insufficient or lack of oil massage can also create hair dandruff problem.

3.DIET - Not taken good food or proper food which contains zinc, B vitamins and some types of fats may also cause hair dandruff.

4.NOT SHAMPOOING ENOUGH - If you don't wash your hair at regular basis means 3-4 times in a week then your scalp leading to dandruff.

5.MENTAL STRESS - Mental stress can also related to hair dandruff.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Hair Regrowth and Stop Hair Loss by Yoga


     Yoga helps to hair regrowth for men.It will help to solve serious hair growth related problem.In hair loss and hair damage problem yoga plays an important role to prevent it completely.There are so many types of yoga position which you can do at home regularly without any instrument.Yoga's effect take some time to result, but it will stay long last.

 Although yoga has it's origins in ancient India, it's method and purposes are universal, relying not on cultural background, faith or deity, but simply on the individual.Yoga has become important in the lives of many contemporary Westerners, sometimes as a way of improving health and fitness of body, but also as a means of personal and spiritual development.


In order to get this aasan you completely rely on your head and your both feet should be on upper side straight.You can take a look in image provided there.It helps to blood circulation properly to the head and provide proper nutrition to hair root.

It is a kneeling pose.Usually contains breathing exercise like Pranayam, Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom are done sitting in this position.It helps to improve circulation of blood to the brain properly and allow nutrition reach to hair root and nourishment them.

                                     NAIL RUBBING 
Nail Rubbing is also helpful in order to growth of hair.Rubbing your nails on each other enables blood cells to active and increase blood circulation rate.

This three Yoga's are mainly helpful to growth of your hair and stop hair falling and hair damage.Do this regular at early morning and will definitely going to get positive results.If you guys like this post then please do comment and share.

Remedies for hair loss and hair damage and hair regrowth


       We have already been discussed about causes of hair loss and hair damage.In this segment we will overlook useful remedies to prevent hair loss and hair damage and get hair regrowth.

      As we know hair loss and hair damage are depends on our daily routine and type of a food.So one thing is clear that if you are facing hair fall problems then you must change your daily routine by giving some time to your hair and avoid such junk food which impacts badly on your hair.There might be other reasons also for hair fall and hair damage but taking proper cares will definitely vanish this hair fall.Lets take a look some of those remedies.

Remedies -

  1. The important thing is to massage your hair at least 2-3 times in a week.You can take any type of oil.There is not condition for use particular oil or something.Do it at night, before you sleep it will definitely gives you positive result
  2. Take enough sleep in order to provide good nutrition to your hair.
  3. Try to stay tension and stress free as much as possible.
  4. Don't use chemical hair products.Avoid hard hair gel and shampoos.Don't comb your hair more than 3-4 times in a day.
  5. After taking shower don't rub your wet hair hardly with towel.Simply allow hair to soak itself.Don't use hair drier.
  6. Eat more protein contains food and stuff.Protein is good for hair growth.
    These are most important remedies to stop hair fall, but some time may be the different reason behind hair fall and hair damage.Don't need to worry about it just go to hair specialist doctor, understand the reason behind hair fall and follow the steps given by him.Hair fall and damage are definitely going to overcome with proper advice and proper method.If you like this article then please don't forget to share this information...